Director’s greeting

On behalf of the Ikh Zasag School of Finance and Economics, I would like to wish success, health, happiness and well-being to all the graduates, their parents, employers and employees. The School of Finance and Economics is in its 19th year of successful teaching. The training has been organized continuously during a time of severe global challenges. The National Council for Education Accreditation has successfully certified its Accounting, Banking and Economics (Customs and Taxation) programs. Our team will contribute to the implementation of the forthcoming Education Package, the intensification of e-transition, and the implementation of the policies and objectives of the Ikh Zasag International University. I wish you every success in your work. B.Nasan, Director of Ikh Zasag School of Finance and Economics



Ikh Zasag School of Finance and Economics was established in September 2002 with the opening of an accounting department at the 6th faculty of IZIU. Subsequently, in the 2006-2007 academic year it’s expanded into a branch school of IZIU. Under the name of the School of Economics and Accounting, it has been training qualified personnel in Business Administration, Accounting, Customs and Tax Economics, Banking Economics, and Human Resource Management. L.Oyun was the first director, J.Badamkhand was the dean, B.Unurtsetseg was the teacher in charge of the course, and the first head of the department was Tumurchudur.D \Ph.D\. Since then, the Mongolian School of Management and Finance has been operating since 2014, and the School of Finance and Economics since 2015. The National Council for Education Accreditation has successfully certified its Accounting, Banking and Economics programs (Customs and Taxation Economics). Our school successfully participates in the annual training, education and community events including the Student Autumn Art Festival first place in 2008 and 2015, the Best school in Sports Festival in 2015, 2016 and 2017. It is one of the largest branch schools that was selected as the Best School in 2009, 2011 and 2013. The teaching staff is experienced teachers with many years of experience. The director is B.Nasan / master, associate professor /. The program leader is M.Dashdeleg, master and senior teacher, and the dean is B.Davaadash, master and senior teacher. There are student volunteer clubs and organizations such as “Student Accountant”, “Young Economist”, “Young Researcher”, “Banker”, “Customs-edu” and “Young life” at the school. The board of directors organizes a variety of activities that meet the needs of the students. During this period, more than 3,800 qualified specialists have been trained to work in Mongolia's public and private enterprises and business organizations



It trains specialists in business economics, accounting, banking, insurance and customs, which are most in demand in today's labor market, with the ability to work in marketing and management departments, financial departments and non-bank financial institutions of public and private enterprises in all business sectors. • Professional and basic courses, additional courses include business English and computer law. • We provide financial support and opportunities to participate in professional Olympiads and scientific conferences. • Supports student initiatives and clubs. Through their activities, it is possible to develop students' ability to work independently, to deepen the practical application of the knowledge gained in the classroom, to spend their free time properly, and to develop themselves. • More than 80 percent of graduates are employed.