We welcome all our staff – doctors, professors, lecturers, students, graduates of all generations and partner organizations on the occasion ofthe 20th anniversaryof Ikh Zasag Internstional University (IZIU). Ikh Zasag Law School conducts training activities by accredited programs and awards Bachelor Degree on Law and Civic Defense.

Our team sets the goals -to implement new technology, to strengthen material base, to improve services for the students, to promote scientific activities, to train our lecturers, to develop foreign relations and has been achieving a progress from year to year.

We have been extending our training-scientific activities and we believe that we could contribute in making Mongolian education a global brand.





Law School under the Ikh Zasag Internstional University (IZIU) which was founded in 1994 as Ikh Zasag Law School is a foundation of today’s IZIU.

From 2006-2007 Academic Year Law School is organized as branch school of IZIU.

The advantages

Law School pays huge attention to turn out the graduates with huge knowledge of national culture and tradition, with right behavior and morality, with comprehensive computer. It strives to make their graduates to use theoretical knowledge in practical life and to learn foreign language as second language.

Ikh Zasag Law School is recognized not only in own country but abroad, its programs have been accredited.

Ikh Zasag Law School is multiple champion of Criminal, Civil, Administrative Law debates which have been organized among Mongolian legal universities and institutes.

It has become the Best of the Best School in Cultural Festival four times, Champion of Basketball Competition four times, Champion of Voleyball Competition six times, Champion of National Wrestling Competition seven times.

Ikh Zasasg Law School turned out 6000 graduates for twenty years and 80% of them have been working at state administrative, legal and business organizations successfully.

Student organizations

Next students organizations have been working at Ikh Zasag Legal School:

  • Monitoring Service;
  • Young Researcher Club;
  • Girls Leadership Club;
  • Router Club;
  • Sociological Research Club.

The main fields of Law School are:

  • Law and
  • Civil Defense.

Teaching Faculty

100% of our lecturers are all full time tutors, 92% of them have Master and above degrees. Among them doctor Bayarsaikhan D., Bayarkhuu G., state senior judge Danzandorj D., associate professor Munkhjargal Z., Natsagdorj G., Naranbaatar G. who have rich knowledge and experience have been working with young generation of tutors. Also we are very proud of that former famous lawyers – Avkhia J., Dzundui D. had worked and shared their inexhaustible experiences.

Categories of the lecturers of Law School for 2018-2019 Academic Year:

1Professor12Associate professor33Senior lecturer84Lecturer205Lecturer Trainee5