We have to love each other, protect surrounding environment, to join for the purpose to build humanitarian society albeit we live in technological era. Our today’s goal is a brighter future. Global knowledge, competence, achievement and success expect you. We wish that all your dreams will come true!

Oyunsuren.D (Director)



Our School was founded as Khartsaga Film Institute in 1994. It has become the first private film school in Mongolia, the well known actors and actress work there as lecturers. Our school and the lecturers have been playing a significant role in creations of Mongolian new generation’s theatre and movie art artists. Laureate of the State Prize and Honoured Artist Tumurbaatar Ts., Honoured Art worker Sunkhuu B., Damdin Kh., Laureate of the State Prize, producer Baljinnyam, Honoured Actress Selenge S., the Best Officer of Culture Zundui N., Taatkhuu D., the Best Officer of Media, writer Gombojav and other celebrities have been teaching and preparing new young artists.

Our students have participated in festival “Theatre – New Generation” organized by “New Generation” Production among the same professional institutes and have been awarded in best producer, the best male actor, the best sound composition nominations. They receive the awards of “The First Creation” Filming Competition organized by Radio-Television Institute for the best cameraman, the best producer, the best female image nominations.

Khartsaga Institute has included in Ikh Zasag International University’s staff as a branch school in 2010-2011 Academic Year.



Several awards of a festival “Theatre and New Generation” organized by the University of Culture and “New Generation” Production: – the best producer – a student Anudari B., for Shakespeare’s Play “Othello” in 2006 (lecturer Enkhbold Kh.); – the best producer – student Batsukh S., for Shiguurge U.’s Play “Detaching from Existence” in 2007 (lecturer Enkhbold Kh.); – the best male actor – a student Baatartsogt L., for Turrini P.’s Play “Everything is over” in 2008 (lecturer Enkbaatar L.), the best cameraman – a student Ochgerel G. for “Destiny” Composition; – the best producer – a student Batsukh S., for Turrini’s Play”The hunt fora cattlemouse”, – the best producer – a student Batsukh S., – the best female actress – a student Zolzaya E. for “A Picture with sun in the top right corner-” in 2009 (lecturer Enkhbold Kh.); – the best producer – a student Otgonbat G., for Chekhov A. P.’s Play “The 6-th Ward” in 2010 (lecturer Batbaatar B.).

  • The awards of a festival organized by the University of Culture – the best female image – a student Unurjargal B. in 2014.
  • Our graduate student Badamragchaa received the award “Best Young Producer” in International Film Festival, a graduate student, cameraman of NTV Enkhgerel D. received the Best Cameraman award of Televisions’ Association.


Our students organizations – “Original Poem” Club and “Help-Support” Club have been operating jointly with the Ikh Zasag Law School’s organizations.