Dear teachers, students and parents, I am very happy to greet you on our website.

The Chinggis Soose School of International Relations has trained more than 5,000 international lawyers, international relations officers, security and law enforcement specialists in the labor market to meet the needs of society.

Our school team aims to develop students' creative attitudes, strengthen the training material base, improve the quality and efficiency of education, provide accessible services to every student, encourage the research work of teaching staff, and prepare graduates with the right attitude and mindset. There is no doubt that our achievements will increase year by year and will make a valuable contribution to the development of our school and our country.Sincerely, Director L. Oyun



Chinggis Soose School of International Relations has been teaching since 2000 and is one of the largest affiliates of Ikh Zasag International University.

Chinggis Soose School of International Relations:

International and foreign relations officer

International law

More than 1,300 students are studying security and law enforcement.

More than 5,000 graduates are employed in the above-mentioned professions, and more than 70 percent of the graduates work for public and private companies and law enforcement agencies.

Chinggis Soose School of International Relations, along with other affiliated schools, has made a valuable contribution to the implementation of the goals, objectives and policies of the University, strengthening the material base of the school, creating a favorable learning environment for students and encouraging teachers and students. We have successfully organized training, research and cultural activities.

The school is the 7th best school in the “Student Autumn” Arts Festival, the 2nd best in the “Junior Olympic” Games, the 12th Basketball Champion, the first place winner of the National Football Championship, and the Taekwondo Student National Championship. Winner of the first place in the competition, Best School of IZIU.

Our students are given ample opportunity to develop their talents and innovations, and a clear example of this is the Super Student Scholarship Program, organized annually by the IZIU administration. Under the program, more than 10 students have been awarded one-year scholarships to study in Japan, South Korea and the United States.

“Ikh Zasag-Modern”, which is organized to support students' research work, to provide them with research methods and to develop them. At the Tseveen Biographical Enlightenment and International Relations and Globalization student conferences, the students of the school are strong competitors and win first and second places.



We train specialists in law, international law, international relations, security and law enforcement who respect national history and culture, have good morals, have foreign language and computer skills, and are able to work in a team combining theory and practice.

In addition to professional subjects, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean languages are by choice.

It provides opportunities for students to develop in all areas and provides financial support for professional Olympiads, debates, scientific conferences and discussions.

They support student initiatives and the activities of volunteer organizations and clubs they have established. Through their activities, students have the opportunity to develop their independent learning skills and to spend their free time professionally.

We offer exchange programs and paid internships in Japan.

Super students can apply for scholarships and study at prestigious foreign universities with 100% scholarships.

More than 70 percent of graduates have jobs.