To teach and educate people is a very difficult and effective work. Complex education is harnessed knowledge and formed behavior. Well educated and active person making contribution to public deals is met positively everywhere. We try to prepare such specialists and hope that our graduates could perform their duties to become a bridge between Mongolia, Korea and China. We wish Good Luck and all of the Best!



Korean-Mongolian joint Jesan-Chinggis Khaan Foreign Language and Culture School, founded in 2005-2006 Academic Year, provides an evidence of development of IZIU’s foreign relations. It had started its activities with 4 lecturers and 30 students. Jesan-Chinggis Khaan FLCS offers Bachelor programmes on six specialties – Foreign Relations Officer, Korean Studies, Chinese Language and Chinese Studies, Banking Economist and Translator, Insurance Economist and English Language Translator.


The advantages

  • Second and third years students of Korean Language and Korean Studies Department have an opportunity to work in Korean companies operating in Mongolia.
  • The students learning Banking Economy have an opportunity to practice in the biggest banks, financial organizations.
  • The students with excellent study and social activity receive stipend in the amount of 200.000 – 500.000 tugrugs every year.
  • 10-12 students receive Scholarship of Mongolia-Korean Namyanju Centre regularly.
  • Our students are available to be included in Student Exchange Program implemented with Korean and Chinese universities.
  • We organize scientific conferences, cultural and sports events, implement variousprojects, also our students participate in the events organized by among IZIU students and were awarded for the first and second places.
  • Student organizations:

Next students organizations have been working at Jesan-Chinggis Khaan FLCS:

  • Hanoli Club;
  • Shanlini Club;
  • Young Researcher Club;
  • Monitoring Service.